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(This is a living document so check back regularly!)

THE TRUTH is uncomfortable for all of us.

And I think that's the crux of what is wrong today.

My family is so mad at me for obsessing over this stuff instead of just focusing on being a code monkey.

You pay me pretty well to be a code monkey. So far you aren't paying me to tell my audience the truth.

But I figure if I can soften the blow enough so that you can understand me maybe you'll see that I'm on to something here.

We're all doing our best to do better, but the truth keeps getting in the way.

I suspect that I may be Autistic. For me, and not necessarily for everyone diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with Autism Spectrum Disorder, that means that I really like the absolute truth.

I don't care who the truth hurts, even if it hurts me, because I believe that the truth is the best thing that there is for the collective (society).

And that's because you taught me that it was. You taught me that because it is true.

Facebook is getting into trouble because it is full of lies. But it is only full of lies because that's all that we will tolerate.

Social Media 2.0 needs to do something different. It needs to be transparent about the fact that it is rewriting every post for the user reading it.

It needs to use artificial intelligence to understand your beliefs through Web analytics (or your own manual selections), and tell you a story in parallel to every post on the platform that YOU can UNDERSTAND.

A story that won't hurt you.

The platform needs to be transparent that the post that you're reading was authored by AI, and not the actual author of the post, and it needs to be transparent about the lies that it introduces into the narrative to help you understand.

We need you not only to LIKE posts, but we need you to UNDERSTAND posts. If you don't understand the post then it is either a lie or you're biased. Either way, you get ZERO value from it.

And so the collective gets zero value from you reading it. The risk then is that the only thing that it can ever do is bring negative value to society (zero being neutral).

If Facebook is worth that much telling you only lies, IMAGINE how valuable Facebook is going to be when it only tells you the truth, and it makes sure you understand the truth.

To fix the world we need for Facebook to tell the truth, and we need for you to be able to understand the truth without a knee-jerk caveman reaction of hitting back because it hurts..

We need to bypass that painful part of the message for you so that you can still access the contents of the post equitably. And so the social media platform of your choosing should be able to expose you to messages that you find uncomfortable by design, but do so in a way that cussions you from the discomfort to help you come around to understanding the truth of the content. Then once you have an understanding of the truth we can peel back the lies that helped you to understand so that you can face the real truth (but only if you are ready to do so).

Here's the best part: school is a place where we send everybody to be taught the truth. They need the truth to survive and to coexist in society peacefully.

What we're discovering is that Social Media 2.0 is actually also School 2.0.

It's the fastest and most fun way to learn about the world. That's why we're all so addicted to doing it.

The only problem with Social Media 1.0 today is that it isn't teaching us the truth.

It's not teaching us complete fiction either, but you have to work hard to spot the truth through all of the lies.

Web analytics can help us to understand which truths you're comfortable with and which ones you have trouble with today.

It seems to me that we're going to eventually need words to tell entire stories. They already do, of course, but we need to acknowledge it.

And so binary computers may not "understand" what pain is, but at least we can teach them pain is a truth, and it only has one meaning that spans an infinite spectrum, even if some of us can't understand it anymore.

Artificial Intelligence can understand the world by relating all of the words and stories together in all of their infinite ways.

If I were to name this <bind> mechanism to teach our computers (and each other) the truth about the world I might call it bindings if I were a . Or I might call it mako/lifestream if I were a big fan of Final Fantasy VII(tm). It's called bindings, if the owner of Final Fantasy today wants to fight. But we all know it is mako/lifestream anyway.

Of course the artificial intelligence that I describe will become the universal translator (which I'd just name jenova to be consistent with the FFVII theme, but "universal translator" also worked fine in Star Trek) from Star Trek: The Next Generation's fiction.

Instead of just free-for-all comments we could build a technology that automates some of the necessary feedback loop needed to get the truth matching everybody's understanding in the world.

For example, if you're reading ANYTHING and aren't sure what the author meant you should be able to just point to the words you're interested in and be able to ping the author to ask them if they also mean some list of "other-class-name" too, and when the author responds the content should be updated to reflect it at the main source for the work automatically, and then ideally spread from there to the rest of the copies in the world.

That means we'll need to standardize the infinite tools for tracking this so that publishers/journalists/writers/everyone can easily setup a tracked document.

I hate to imagine there being engineers in secretive rooms in billion-dollar facilities trying to figure out how to train artificial intelligence to just INFER all of this between the lines stuff that we aren't saying. Why not just work in reverse? It's a lot easier.

This is a video that I threw together while trying to get high so that I could relax about all of this...

I got super high and had a lot of fun and arguably made a great video with wonderful points, but I haven't gotten to relax yet...

I think that I won't be able to relax until enough of you get it.

The video is age restricted because of my consumption of legal cannabis (Canada has legalized recreational use for 3 years now!) and my use of the truth (adult language).

Also some cursing was probably responsible.

Don't let that deter you from watching it.

Eventually I'd like to get YouTube to reconsider.

Though I also haven't ruled out just rerecording a video that I try really hard to keep squeaky "clean".

This is just a follow-up video where I barely completed smoking the same cannabis roll as in the first video, and went off on some other tangents. Viewer discretion is advised. I am much more vague about what happens on this second video.

The classes used to write between the lines in this document can be found in TRUTH.html.classes.


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